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We work with individuals, teams and organisations to create and deliver development and change management solutions that offer the best possible opportunities for personal and business success.


We address your requirements with a creative and flexible approach and produce focused offerings to solve your specific problems. Our emphasis is on practical delivery and implementation based on our significant expertise and experience in business roles.


Solutions can be delivered on a project basis, though group workshops and training seminars, or as talks and keynotes to conferences and networking groups.


We identify, design and implement development solutions for individuals, teams and organisations

We design and facilitate team workshops, meetings and events

We provide coaching to individuals and teams to help people achieve their potential

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"Andrew was a key member of my executive team for two years when I was President, Rolls-Royce Marine Services based in Singapore. He was an excellent sounding board, operated with complete integrity and I valued his support. His style is very collaborative and he gained the respect of everyone in the team during the time we worked together. Andrew has a high level of commitment, is well organised and consistently delivers. During this time, we reorganised the Marine Services executive team into a more customer focused structure and Andrew worked on the design of the structure and the associated roles and accountabilities as well as drove the implementation through. He also led the recruitment of high calibre individuals into the new positions."

MN, President/CEO

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