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We work with individuals, teams and organisations to create and deliver development and change management solutions that offer the best possible opportunities for personal and business success.

We address your requirements with a creative and flexible approach and produce focused offerings to solve your specific problems. Our emphasis is on practical delivery and implementation based on our significant expertise and experience in business roles.

We identify, design and implement development solutions for individuals, teams and organisations

We design and facilitate team workshops, meetings and events

We provide coaching to individuals and teams to help people achieve their potential

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"Andrew was my mentor with my university mentoring program. I am changing my career to HR and he was a perfect mentor for me in my life. Andrew has a senior level in HR experience and skills which solved my questions about HR and advised personal development. During the mentoring sessions, I can see he is very good at time management and work efficiency. He discussed with me each session for planing the time, topic and replied to me with very fast email that make me feel he is a reliable person. He suggested and introduced me some books for HR career that means he has advance knowledge and love to read books. Also, he respects each other to build up the trust between us. I feel happy that he was perfect to be my mentor."

VL, overseas MBA student

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