Getting to the CORE of your decisions

Fri. 18th May 2018.


career, choices, decision making, development, growth, opportunities, options

Do you know what your team is doing?

Wed. 31st January 2018.


high performing teams, measuring team performance, team performance, team progress

How does your team operate?

Tue. 21st November 2017.


high performing team, knowledge management, knowledge sharing, meetings, processes, team building, team development, team leadership, team membership

Who are the people in your team?

Mon. 14th August 2017.


high performing team, team building, team development

Team lessons from Hot House

Wed. 12th July 2017.


Hot House, leadership, team building, team development

What's the point of your team?

Fri. 16th June 2017.


alignment, high performing team, purpose, team development, values, vision

(Start up) Life is a Rollercoaster

Tue. 25th April 2017.


, goals, lessons learned, purpose, values, vision, start up

Of course there's an 'I' in team

Thu. 2nd March 2017.


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Detox your business

Wed. 4th January 2017.

At the start of a new year, we often look to make some changes to boost our personal well-being. We take more exercise, think about our diet, drink more water, drink less alcohol or improve our work/life balance. As business owners we might also want to think about how we could ‘detox’ our business and improve how we manage its performance, and therefore also benefit ourselves. Read More...

Are you neglecting your own development?

Fri. 21st October 2016.

One of the many challenges we face as a sole trader or owner of a small business is not to neglect our own development. Those of us who’ve previously worked in a larger organisation probably had the support to do it. This is likely to have been the help to identify our development needs and then the subsequent time and financial support to satisfy those needs. Some of us will also have been in roles where it was our job to help other people to develop. But once we go it alone, it becomes more difficult to give ourselves the time and focus to prioritise our own development needs. Read More...

Greasy pole, career ladder or climbing frame – how’s your career progressing?

Fri. 26th August 2016.

When I started out on my career journey there was the view that to make progress you had to ‘climb the greasy pole’. Career progression was challenging and often based on survival of the fittest and a competitive mentality to get to the top. Read More...

Building a High Performing Team

Fri. 15th July 2016.

Have you ever been in any of these situations, or are you in one of them now? Read More...

Is your business built on a solid foundation?

Thu. 7th July 2016.

There’s a fair amount of uncertainty around at the moment, and it’s likely to be that way for some time. Read More...

Time for Growth - The newsletter from AWD Development Solutions Ltd

Tue. 5th July 2016.

Welcome to my newsletter structured on elements of my Time for Growth offering. Time for Growth is a practical development approach that helps individuals at any stage in their career, sole traders and owners of small businesses to develop themselves and their people so they build their personal and business success. It helps them to manage themselves, their work, and their people, more effectively. They become more productive so they save themselves time and grow themselves and their business. I hope you take something useful away from it. Read More...

Five Steps to Career Heaven

Wed. 25th May 2016.

Do you spend over a third of your life feeling demotivated and miserable? You might if you’re in a job that you don’t enjoy. So what are you doing about it? Most people do nothing, but if you make an effort it can pay dividends, as I found out from personal experience. Read More...