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Tue. 5th July 2016.

Welcome to my newsletter structured on elements of my Time for Growth offering. Time for Growth is a practical development approach that helps individuals at any stage in their career, sole traders and owners of small businesses to develop themselves and their people so they build their personal and business success. It helps them to manage themselves, their work, and their people, more effectively. They become more productive so they save themselves time and grow themselves and their business. I hope you take something useful away from it.


Managing your work – Some questions about time management

The most common thing I hear from sole traders and owners of small businesses is that they don’t have enough time to do everything they need to. So here are ten questions to ask yourself which may help you begin to use your time more effectively. Be honest with your answers.

  • Am I disorganised?
  • Do I take enough time to plan how I use my time?
  • Do I have problems saying no to people and therefore take on too much?
  • Do I get distracted by looking at personal social media, emails, etc. when I’m working?
  • Do I know how much my time is worth?
  • Do I know how much time I spend on distractions during my day rather than work that helps my business?
  • Do I need too much information and take too long to make a decision?
  • Do I have difficulty closing off conversations and politely moving on?
  • Do I skip from activity to activity without finishing anything?
  • Do I set priorities?


Managing your people – A few thoughts on delegation

As your business grows, you may get to the point where you recruit some employees. You might not have managed people before and because of the time and emotional investment you’ve made in getting your business to where it is, you may find it a bit difficult to let go. But unless you can delegate effectively you’ll never have the time to work on the tasks you really need to do.

When you delegate a task, consider these few simple points:

  • If you have a choice, think who would benefit most from the opportunity for the new responsibility.
  • Don’t just delegate routine tasks. Delegate important tasks so people see that you trust them.
  • Make it clear what the expected results needed from the task are, and the timescales – set objectives.
  • Check that the responsibility and task is clear to your team member and they feel capable to deliver it.
  • Give your team member the freedom to decide how to achieve the task – don’t tell them how you would do it.
  • Be available to guide, support, coach and help them if they get stuck.
  • Keep in touch as to how the task is progressing and provide constructive feedback.

If you delegate effectively, not only does it save your time but it can enhance the job satisfaction of your employees, increase their motivation and engagement, and help them develop.


A couple of recommendations

Here’s a great TED talk video on body language by Amy Cuddy.

Simon Sinek has a TED talk on ‘Start with Why’ but his book is also definitely worth a read. Having a clear view of WHY you do what you do – what’s your purpose – can give you real focus. I set up AWD Development Solutions to have a ‘big why’ of GROWTH. I want to help people grow and develop themselves so they can grow their business.


Continuing Professional Development workshop review

I recently ran a free Continuing Professional Development workshop for the local branch of a professional institute. During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to start to build their own development plan and think about how they were going to meet their development needs. The session was really well received and the average evaluation rating was 91%.

A few of the comments given on the evaluation forms were:

“Andrew’s CPD workshop was interesting, engaging and highly relevant to the requirements of my professional institute. I have a clear plan now of what I need to do to move forward.”

“A very useful workshop, thank you.”

“I found it really useful for focusing on goals I had already set but didn’t have a proper plan in place to achieve.”


Contact me to see how I can help you develop and grow your business

If you want to manage yourself, your work, and your people more effectively then contact me to talk about how I could help you to develop and grow yourself, your people and your business.

If you, your clients, your networking group, or your professional institute would like a talk or workshop on a personal or employee development, high performing team building, or a change management based topic then please get in touch.

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