Our Development Partner

Developing your people so you can grow your business


In a small and medium size organisation, your people are your business. As your business grows and changes you need to make sure your development processes get the best out of them.

The 'Our Development Partner' offering from AWD Development Solutions will ensure you develop your organisation and its people in line with your business strategy in an integrated way. It provides a clear link from your vision and values to your people development processes. It will help you GET the right people into your business, GROW your employees professionally and personally so they want to stay with you, perform at their best and GENERATE on-going performance and success to achieve your business goals.

'Our Development Partner' provides a structured and integrated organisation and employee development service to small and medium size businesses who don't have the need for a full-time, in-house, development specialist but who want access to advice, guidance and expertise.

Whether you want to build a long-term support partnership to really develop your organisation and its people and grow your business, or you need some extra expertise and capability to deliver a one-off change project, the 'Our Development Partner' service from AWD Development Solutions is for you.

Get in touch to see how we can help you to build your development processes, deliver successful change in your business, develop high performing teams, manage your talent and succession to reduce your business continuity risk and ultimately, grow your business.

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