Our Purpose And Values


AWD Development Solutions' purpose is to develop and grow people and teams so they can grow themselves and their business.

We do that by creating and delivering people, team and organisation development strategies, processes and solutions for individuals, sole traders and businesses.

To deliver our purpose, we work to the following values.

Growth – we'll help to drive the growth and development of our individual customers, their employees, and therefore grow their business.

Partnership – we'll build long term partnerships and relationships with our customers so we really understand them and become a valued extension of their business.

Delivery – we'll do what we say we'll do, when we said we would, and deliver focused, practical and pragmatic solutions that solve our customers' real needs.

Professionalism – we'll apply our expertise with integrity, to the ethical standards of our profession, and provide a high level quality of service.

Creativity – we'll develop solutions that specifically address our customers' needs in creative ways.

Flexibility – we'll provide solutions that are tailored to the specific situation, context and culture of our customers. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Enjoyment – we believe there's no point doing something if you don't enjoy it. AWD Development Solutions was set up to focus on working on the things we really enjoy doing.