Time For Growth

Is it time for you and your business to grow?


As a sole trader you probably struggle to manage your time and your workload to achieve everything you want, and need, to do. This can have a significant impact on your personal life as well as your business.

Also, as you start to take on some employees, it may be the first time you've managed people and could do with some help.

AWD Development Solutions works with individuals, sole traders and owners of small businesses to help develop and improve how you manage yourself, your time, your work and your people. We help you develop yourself, become more focused, effective and productive, and grow your business.

The 'Time For Growth' offering is structured around three aspects:

Managing Yourself – helping you in areas such as identifying and building on your strengths, developing yourself, setting personal and business goals, managing yourself through change and building your network.

Managing Your Work – helping you in areas such as using your time productively, managing your work priorities, generating ideas and options, making decisions, running effective meetings, managing your stakeholders and delivering presentations.

Managing Your People – helping you in areas such as building your people into a high performing team, engaging and communicating with your people, getting the best from your people to deliver your goals, developing your people, coaching your people, helping your people through change and managing the performance of your people.

Get in touch to see you we can help you manage yourself, manage your work and manage your people so you can grow your business.

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